sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2017

Chegam cedo demais

Chegam cedo demais, quando ainda não podem escolher 
nem decidir. Vêm carregados de espectros, de memórias
e de feridas que não souberam sarar; mas trazem a confiança
da cura nas palavras. Convencem-se de que amam outra vez

quando nos tocam os pequenos lugares, esquecendo-se do rumo
incerto dos seus passos nas estradas tortuosas que os 
trouxeram. Abafam-se num cobertor de mentiras sem saber e 
falam de injustiça quando tentamos chamá-los à verdade. 

Dormem de vez em quando nas nossas camas e protegemo-los 
da dor como aos filhos que não iremos ter nunca
porque não nos resignamos a perdê-los. E, um dia, partem, vão 

culpados, não chegam a explicar o que os arrasta. Escrevem
cartas mais tarde - uma ou duas para se aliviarem dessa espada.
E nós ficamos, eternamente, sem vergonha, à espera que regressem. 

Maria do Rosário Pedreira
in, Poesia Reunida

Fractal Consciousness

Fractal Consciousness: 
Higher Self, 
Soul Structure 

The only way out of this is to educate ourselves and at the same time concentrate on the positive.
We need to do both; educate ourselves and think positive!
Because if we don't understand the mechanics behind what's going on, we won't be able to break the chains.

When we talk about star races, we mostly hear about the negative ETs, because they are the ones who create trouble for us. So it's natural that these species get the most attention. The ones who mean us well and are 100% on our side don't land here and mingle with humans; at least not on a regular basis. Sometimes they come down and show themselves, but when doing so, they normally contact individual humans or small groups, and they do not interfere with our matters.

Spirit Guides:
This is another shady term, because it can have so many meanings.
I am not very keen on many of the 'spirit guides' who come and get you after you have departed from your body at body death; most of them are Sirian Helpers, such as non-physical Vegans and Grays. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them 'into the light' or 'to the tunnel', or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the Sirian recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth.

If you read this and have enjoyed my papers so far, you are probably not a person who wants to go 'into the light'. In one of the last papers (if not the last paper) in 'Level II', I will talk more about what the alternatives may be.

The deceptive spirit guides may manifest themselves in the astral as angels, masters, relatives, friends, a pleasant being, or perhaps even as Jesus or one of his disciples if the person is Christian.

The benevolent Spirit Guides are usually either higher version of yourself, or soul fragments of yourself that have already made it back to the Oversoul and are now meeting themselves in form of 'you', ready to take you home when you die and are in a higher state of consciousness and awareness.

They may manifest very similar to the 'false' spirit guides, but if you use the abilities you have developed here on Earth during this, and a few previous lifetimes, you will be able to tell who is who. 
And if you're uncertain, ask them who they are.
Another obvious distinction is of course, where will they lead you? Above the Grid and out in the Universe, or into the 'light/tunnel'?

A good thing to do when you're on your death-bed is to imagine yourself being where you want to be and ask for help only by those who have your absolute best interests in mind! But don't hesitate to ask for guidance when you die. If your death is sudden and unexpected, and you suddenly find yourself disconnected from your body, go ahead and imagine it right there and then, and again, don't hesitate to ask for assistance, but only from those who have your best interests in mind!
This, of course, is very important.

The benevolent Spirit Guides, however, are not there to help you only when you're on your death-bed, but anytime in your daily life, as well. 'Ask and you shall receive!'

Again, your Guides will most probably not do the work for you, but guide you in the right direction by letting you experience what you need to experience (after all, we call them 'guides', don't we?).

The Oversoul:
The Oversoul is the 'Real You', from whom you in your current incarnation is only a soul fragment. The problem is that due to that the Sirians have kept us in custody here on Earth, we've been disconnected from our Oversoul by their Recycling System (reincarnation).

Instead of returning to the Oversoul after a lifetime is over and report back to her, we are manipulated into going through the Tunnel and into the Light. So we hardly ever connect with our real selves, but instead reincarnate over and over. 

Each soul fragment learns a lot (although she is forced to forget when the Sirians erase our memories between lives), perhaps not in one lifetime, but by incarnating over and over. If one particular soul fragment (you in your current incarnation in this example) would remember all her lifetimes, she would be rich of experiences. However, now when we are going through their 'Amnesia Implant Station', we have to start relearning what we've already learned in previous lifetimes every time we reincarnate. It's a waste of time from our perspective. From the Sirian perspective it is not, of course.

However, if a single one of all the soul fragments that are you, simultaneously incarnated on Earth, would report back to the Oversoul, having full memory recall, that would be a lot of knowledge!

Then think of yourself as being one of perhaps thousands of soul fragments, all incarnated here on Earth at the same time, but in different time periods, and you can start imagining how much you really know and can bring with you out in cosmos to meet other friendly star beings. Although they have been able to experience most dimensions for a long, long time, these star beings may have a lot to learn from you. That's why so many star beings who don't have a physical body would do anything to have one now in the nano-second, when the learning curve is incredibly high. Still, even if these ontoenergetics would take a body now in the nano-second, for the first time, it wouldn't be the same, because we humans have past experiences down here which the non-physicals lack. But they know that even by incarnating once here on Earth (if it is now in the nano-second), it's way better than nothing.
Hence, from one perspective, we are 'lucky' to be here at this time. But only if we take advantage of the nano-second and act like sponges, willing to take in and learn as much as we can. After 2012, time will slow down incrementally, and the time window of great learning closes. That's when it's time to reflect over what we've learned in a great haste.
If we didn't learn much and spent most time in front of the television, there is not much to reflect over, either, of course. However, if you read this, you probably already have a lot to reflect over, whether it's this material or other things you've learned before you read this.

This is what the Mayans called the End Times, because it's the end of a cycle of 26,000 years (one circle around the zodiac) and the beginning of a new.
The timelines are merging, and we are saying 'hello' to our other incarnations. 
Time as we know it is collapsing, and we are remembering our multidimensionality.
Our previous lifetimes are being revealed for us, often both in the awake state and in dream state, but especially in dream state (4 cycles per second or less).
Many of us have learned a lot only over the last ten years or so, and we are not going to fall into the recycling trap again.

If none of your other soul fragments have managed to return to your Oversoul, you will be the first, which is perfectly okay.
If this is the case, you will be your own Spirit Guide for your other incarnations to follow, no matter in what time frame they live.
Some may live in the 1800s, others 2,500 BC, and others may even live in the future.
It doesn't matter, because time is per default not linear; we made it linear together with the Sirians -- it's an agreement; set in a state of manipulation, but still an agreement.

When you die next time, you would probably want to return to your Oversoul and then again come back, this time in the non-physical, as a Spirit Guide, and pick up your other selves when they die, one by one. Then, when you've picked up the last one, you are 'whole'.
There is no soul of yours left on Earth, and you are one big Oversoul, ready for new adventures. 

You can choose to go elsewhere in the Universe and explore the dimensions, or you may come back to Earth and rebuild a new planet, which eventually will be free from the oppression of the Sirians. This is what will become the New Earth, where those who took advantage of the nano-second and still want to come back, will build; a world of a much higher vibration where there eventually is no place for the lower Sirian energies.

Like I've said before, the Multiverse is fluid, and you build your own reality with your own thoughts. Others with similar thoughts will share your version of the Multiverse, others will live in their own versions. There is no end to it! In some versions, the Sirians will still exist, creating a machine world where they have total control over the masses, who will be more and more like androids, robots, and machines. There is probably a majority of today's population who will choose this version, either out of ignorance or out of fear, and it is their choice.

We can only inform; it's for each and every one to make their choice; it's none of our business, and not for us to force any reality on anybody.

If you die and can't find your Oversoul for any given reason, don't worry about it. 
There are still forces who can help (see above how to ask for help), and/or you just imagine a place where you want to go, and you'll be there. 
So you see how important it is to have an exit plan! 

If no Oversoul is present, start building one right there and then. Do exactly the same thing as you would do if you would have found one; be your own Spirit Guide and start collecting and merging with your other-selves who are still down here, living their lives. When all those soul fragments are collected, you will be whole, and your own Oversoul, able to do exactly the same thing as the person who ''found' their Oversoul. So both ways work, which is important to understand.

However, when you ask for help and assistance - in general or in specific matters - you don't necessarily have to ask a certain group for help. All you need to do is to ask for assistance in general, just keeping in mind that you need to add that you only want help from those who have your best interests in mind!
I can't emphasis that enough, but as long as you do that, you will be fine.

Wes Penre


You are in essence a multidimensional entity in parallel & simultaneous incarnations, present on many levels of ‘reality’ simultaneously and  more powerful than you have been led to believe.
You are more than meets the eye, much more — more than your body, more than your soul, in fact, you are an integral part of the Universe.
 You are part of the composite consciousness that is the Universe and beyond!
You are present on many levels of reality simultaneously and more powerful than you have ever imagined.

Are you ready to expand your concept of selfhood to include higher selves, other/parallel selves, and probable selves?
If so then, let's dive in!

Only a portion of your total being is present in this earth life you assume.

So, what is the Oversoul or the Higher Self? 
Well, it may be considered to be the first individualised fragmentation from Source, which ‘split off’ aspects of it’s total being in order to assist with exploration/ discovery of itself.
This basic pattern of dividing into smaller versions of itself is present on all levels within creation, which you will find follows simple fractal patterns.
Fractals being “infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.”

Consciousness undertakes a simplistic process of ‘division’ at all levels for the purpose of expanding it’s awareness. In essence, ‘Source’ spawns mini versions of itself, and these versions in-turn create their own, and so forth. The further along the process the more ‘detail’ or ‘terrain’ that that can be experienced at a lower level/within, in turn feeding this back to the greater self.

There is the Source of the Multiverse we reside in.
Then there is Groups of Souls.
The next fragmentation is the Oversoul level, which then also projects itself into different bodies called Souls.
One of these aspects or ‘Soul fragments’ is the 3D human you. 

Due to the high vibratory nature of the Soul level however, it may further again split a portion of it’s energy and consciousness to incarnate in the lower frequencies that we consider to be physical, so that the Universe may know more about him self.

The Soul may be considered an evolved ‘future’ version of you already, in the same way an Oversoul may be considered a future evolved version of the Soul, but they both exist now.
This is why communicating with your Oversoul/Soul works, because it already exists and in essence the evolved ‘you’ (being outside of time) is able to help 3D ‘you’ now: The Oversoul, seems to exist simultaneously with the mind/body/spirit complex which it aids.
This is not actually simultaneous, for the Oversoul is moving to the mind/body/spirit complex as needed from a position in development of the entity which would be considered in the future of this entity.
We exist inside of something resembling a great cosmic mind, often referred to as "cosmic/universal consciousness". 

 As the term "source consciousness" suggests, all consciousness is derived from the universal field of consciousness. The consciousness of each and every one of us is an individualized thread of the universal consciousness.
This is what your "soul" is — it is a thread of universal consciousness with an associated repository of experiential information (local memory), and derivative ideas, all somehow encoded as a pattern of energy. Our soul is sentient energy as is the entire universe.

One of the fundamental capabilities of consciousness is the ability to subdivide itself — to create smaller individualized copies of itself within itself.
From the perspective of your Over-Soul (the higher/wider you), all the souls that it created, and their extensions that are connected to physical bodies, could be considered your "other selves". PARALLEL incarnations.
By some accounts, this can be up to 144 PARALLEL incarnations, and regardless of whether that exact number is correct, we can safely say that the higher you is experiencing MANY LIVES in parallel.

And since at the end of a life the sentient energy that was connected to a body can be reused with another body, your Over-Soul has experienced far more incarnations than this, perhaps thousands! 

This is why your Over-Soul is so wise, it's the sum of all the wisdom gleaned from a vast amount of experiences. 

Your many incarnations can be anywhere in the physical Universe — any planet; any galaxy; any time period — past, present, or future (our conception of time is wrong, time is an illusion); and in any one of the planes of physical reality.
But since you're here having an Earth experience it is very likely that many of the other lives the higher you is having are also here on Earth, probably in other time periods.
The Earth reality system provides challenging yet highly formative experiences that are appropriate for fairly advanced beings, so if you are currently engaged here, then it is likely that most of your other selves are here as well because anything less would be boring.

Using a technique known as "Past Life Regression" you can actually visit or "see" your other lives — by "see" I mean "have and inner experience of". This is done by going into a trance state (via hypnosis or deep relaxation) and then being guided, by suggestion or your own intent, to visit the experiences of your "other selves", your "other lives". In the trance state, the earthly mind is quieted, and one can perceive from the vantage point of any level of ones higher-self and sense the experiences of any of their parallel lives. All these experiences are recorded in the energy/information field of your higher-self and are accessible if you center the focus of your consciousness in one of the levels of your higher-self. Depending on the level you may "see" the lives experienced by your soul, or your over-soul, or perhaps even higher levels of yourself.

The term "Past Life Regression" is a bit of a misnomer since your other lives are all happening simultaneously and can be in any time period; past or future. Most people focus on exploring their "past lives" because, with our erroneous conception of linear time, we think that the past is "recorded" (and therefore potentially can be explored) but the future hasn't happened yet (so isn't recorded and can't be visited).

There are also many people who have reported experiences from what could be called the "inter-life" period, the time between physical earth lives. A common report from these experiences is that our many lives are all, somehow, happening at once.

Have you ever wondered 
what would have happened 
if you had made a different choice 
at a critical juncture in your life?

Well, so did your soul, but instead of just wondering it divides its consciousness yet again, creating a sub-thread of its consciousness to follow and experience each alternate life path. At every decision point of any significance, one portion of your souls sentience follows branch A, and another follows branch B. Your soul is experiencing all possible/probable life paths in parallel!
The YOU that you think of as you is simply a sub-thread of your soul that is experiencing one particular branch of the life path decision tree.
Your soul (and over-soul) are then integrating all those threads of experience and getting wiser very rapidly because of it.

At every significant decision point on a life path the path branches. 
A decision tree represents all possible paths. All of these are experienced by your soul.
 This mechanism creates a massively parallel experience which maximizes the evolutionary potential for the soul, for the over-soul, and for Source — since all experiences are experienced by your higher consciousness, they trickle up.
 The soul threads that follow each of the possible paths of experience could in a sense, be called "Probable Selves". Because there is one for each possible/probable life path. These probable selves are all very real and so are all the alternate experiences they are having — and it is all being accumulated by your higher levels of self!
 Imagine how much one could learn by experiencing every possible alternative life path, and all their outcomes!
 You would learn and grow very fast!

Once you understand and embrace the multidimensional nature of your beingness, your perspective will broaden greatly. You may begin to see yourself not as the body and the ego that's running around here on Earth but as your true essence — your eternal higher-self. You might even embrace, that in a very real sense, your "highest self" is source consciousness!

And an even greater realization may come over you.
The realization that since the consciousness of all entities/beings are ultimately threads of source consciousness, and hence we are all parts of the one universal consciousness, that in a very real sense, there is only "One Self".
All levels of consciousness and all focal points of consciousness/beingness are ultimately within, and integral parts of, source consciousness — the one being.
And this one being is your highest self, so in a sense, all beings could be considered "yourself". 
This is why it makes sense to treat all beings with the utmost respect, care, encouragement, etc — because it's all you!



The corporations' jaws
Are spreading all around
Invading like a plague, you can't ignore
You're led into a trap
They even seem to care
About your life, your health - your misery!

They need you to say
They want you to play
They will find the way into your needs
You're scanned high and low
Cause they want to know:
- Are you plain enough to serve us?

Every time they reach their goals
You're stabbed, but you don't know
Can't you sense the Oversoul?
The meaning of it all...

The blooming of a life
You're innocent and wild
You guess you know the truth but you just don't

That's right when it begins:
You've gotta join that game!
You're looking for respect - to be someone!

They force you to play
They lead you to crave
From now on they'll be behind your needs
You'll do what they say
Can't choose your own way
Right when it's too late to turn back

Every time they reach their goals
You're stabbed, but you don't know
Can't you sense the Oversoul?
The spirit of it all...

Look around and see:
Have you lost all will to live?
Why don't you stand and fight for your soul?

Andre Matos


As mandíbulas das corporações
Estão a espalhar-se por todo o lado
Invadindo como uma praga, tu não podes ignorar
És levado para uma armadilha
Eles nem parecem se importar
Sobre a tua vida, a tua saúde - a tua miséria!

Eles precisam que tu digas
Eles querem que tu jogues
Eles vão encontrar o caminho para as tuas necessidades
Estás digitalizado de cima a baixo
Porque eles querem saber:
- Está claro o suficiente para nos servires?

Sempre que eles atingem os seus objetivos
Tu és esfaqueado, mas não sabes
Não podes sentir a Superalma?
O significado de tudo ...

A floração de uma vida
És inocente e selvagem
Achas que sabes a verdade, mas simplesmente não sabes

É isso mesmo, quando se inicia:
Tens que te juntar ao jogo!
Procuras respeito - para ser alguém!

Eles forçam-te a jogar
Eles levam-te a desejar
A partir de agora eles vão estar por trás das tuas necessidades
Vais fazer o que eles dizem
Não podes escolher o teu próprio caminho
Quando for tarde demais para voltar atrás

Sempre que eles atingem os seus objetivos
Tu és esfaqueado, mas não sabes
Não podes sentir a Superalma?
O espírito de tudo ...

Olha ao redor e vê:
Perdeste toda a vontade de viver?
Por que não te levantas e lutas pela tua alma?

Andre Matos

quinta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2017

e era noite

e era noite 
o espaço por mim habitado 
lugar onde imaginava 
os encontros do apóstolo com 
“os que jaziam 
na região sombria da morte” 

e era noite 
o tempo que me cobria quando 
na mente ecoavam as palavras 
que me tinham dito um dia: 
“entra apenas. permanece até ao fim. 
e sai mudado.” 

e era noite 
e eu buscava uma porta 
para esse outro lugar 
onde aprenderia a pegar no fogo 
sem me queimar 

e era noite 
quando em meu peito repousaste a cabeça 
teus longos cabelos 
se espraiando em meu colo 
caindo por trás do pescoço que 
abandonaras nos meus braços 

e era noite 
quando mergulhei na luz do teu olhar 
e cometendo uma heresia 
disse: “eu sei que não sou digno 
que entres na minha morada 
mas diz uma palavra e serei salvo” 

e era noite 
quando dois rubros lábios  
me revelaram com três sílabas 
a porta nimbada de ternura que buscava 
e resgatado ao deserto 
assim me entregaste de novo à vida. 

Rui Amaral Mendes 
in, "A Noite o Sangue"

Fomos Deixando de Escutar

Me entristece o quanto fomos deixando de escutar.
Deixámos de escutar as vozes que são diferentes, os silêncios que são diversos.
E deixámos de escutar não porque nos rodeasse o silêncio. Ficámos surdos pelo excesso de palavras, ficámos autistas pelo excesso de informação. A natureza converteu-se em retórica, num emblema, num anúncio de televisão. Falamos dela, não a vivemos. A natureza, ela própria, tem que voltar a nascer. E quando voltar a nascer teremos que aceitar que a nossa natureza humana é não ter natureza nenhuma. Ou que, se calhar, fomos feitos para ter todas as naturezas.

Falei dos pecados da Biologia.
Mas eu não trocaria esta janela por nenhuma outra.
A Biologia ensinou-me coisas fundamentais. Uma delas foi a humildade. Esta nossa ciência me ajudou a entender outras linguagens, a fala das árvores, a fala dos que não falam. A Biologia me serviu de ponte para outros saberes. Com ela entendi a Vida como uma história, uma narrativa perpétua que se escreve não em letras mas em vidas.

A Biologia me alimentou a escrita literária como se fosse um desses velhos contadores não de histórias mas de sabedorias. E reconheci lições que já nos tinham sido passadas quando ainda não tínhamos sido dados à luz. No redondo do ventre materno, já ali aprendíamos o ritmo e os ciclos do tempo. Essa foi a nossa primeira lição de música. O coração esse que a literatura elegeu como sede das paixões , o coração é o primeiro órgão a formar-se na morfogénese. Ao vigésimo segundo dia da nossa existência esse músculo começa a bater. É o primeiro som, não que escutamos — nós já escutávamos um outro coração, esse coração maior cuja presença reinventaremos durante toda a nossa existência —, mas é o primeiro som que produzimos. Antes da noção da Luz, o nosso corpo aprende a ideia do Tempo. Com vinte e dois dias, aprendemos que essa dança a que chamamos Vida se fará ao compasso de um tambor feito da nossa própria carne.

Mia Couto
in, Pensatempos 

quarta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2017

Foi sempre tão incerto o caminho até ti

Foi sempre tão incerto o caminho até ti:
tantos meses de pedras e de espinhos, de
maus presságios, de ramos que rasgavam a
carne como forquilhas, de vozes que me
diziam que não valia a pena continuar, que
o teu olhar era já uma mentira; e o meu

coração sempre tão surdo para tudo isso,
sempre a gritar outra coisa mais alto para
que as pernas não pudessem recordar as
suas feridas, para que os pés ignorassem
as penas da viagem e avançassem todos
os dias mais um pouco, esse pouco que
era tudo para te alcançar. Foi por isso que,

ao contrário de ti, não quis dormir nessa
noite: os teus beijos ainda estavam todos
na minha boca e o desenho das tuas mãos
na minha pele. Eu sabia que adormecer
era deixar de sentir, e não queria perder os
teus gestos no meu corpo um segundo que
fosse. Então sentei-me na cama a ver-te
dormir, e sorri como nunca sorrira antes
dessa noite, sorri tanto. Mas tu falaste de
repente do meio do teu sono, estendeste o
braço na minha direcção e chamaste baixinho.
Chamaste duas vezes. Ou três. E sempre tão
baixinho. Mas nenhuma foi pelo meu nome.

Maria do Rosário Pedreira


Conquer, Destruction and  Control: